Monday, July 14, 2008

My First Try

Well, I've stayed away from blogging because I feel writing is not one of my strengths.  I thought I'd podcast but, I'd have to write a script for it so am back to writing again. 

So, here I go.  What is constantly on my mind is what public education is not doing for students that are forces to attend them.  One of the largest reactions to public school is a wild variety of private and charter schools.  At best they provide an excellent education as measured by standardized tests and a haven from some of the environmental behaviors that exists for some students. And at worst they provide a rudimentary learning experience and allow an elitist mentality to flourish unchecked. 

As a public school educator I do not disagree with private school, charter schools or even home schooling is doing.  There are many marvelous examples of out there.  My concern is more with public education is not doing to keep up with the social outcry. 

We are all competing for the same students.  With more options available, the local school is no longer the draw.  The first choice is always to move into the neighborhood with the best schools, but charter schools have become fashionable.  So names like Green Dot, and UNO to name a few, are cropping up in everywhere.  Let's face it, all of these forms of school are sprouting up from the lack of change in public schools.  All of these schools are in reaction to what public education is not doing, which in meeting the needs of the students that attend it. 

I'll stop here because I will begin to ramble, so please comment and share you thoughts.