Friday, August 12, 2011

Week 32 of 52

I cannot believe that 32 weeks of this project have gone by. As cliche as it sound, it really does seems like I just stated this project. I guess is like they say, "the older you get to quicker time passes." In the TED Talk video by Matt Cutts, at the top of my blog page, he shares his insights regarding his Try Something New for 30 Days project. At the end of his little talk, he says that because of these projects, each months was more memorable. The months did not just pass him by without recognition. He remembers each one of the months and what he tried during that month. It made him feel energized and accomplished.

This year, 2011, I decided to I would try something I have always enjoyed and make it a focus for a year, the Photography 52 Project. I made this decision because it had been almost a full year after my mother passed on. I was feeling an end to my mourning, and that I could do a little more for myself. My dad's health condition did not require as much from me as did my mom's. So, I thought I do enjoy having to shoot a photo a week and I hope that I am getting better. The wind has been knocked out of my sails with the passing of my dad last month. So I will begin to emotionally rebuild again. Focusing on something creative will help. I will continue to move forward. I do posses the love and spirit of my parents that will also support me in this effort as they did when they were physically here.

This weeks MCP 52 Project theme is My Favorite Time of the Day. For me, that would be any time I can drive without traffic. For me that is almost meditative to just drive with nothing but the open road, freeway, highway ahead of you and at a nice steady speed. Because this is Southern California, any where along the 405 Freeway you get off you are only a few miles away from the coastline. Just beautiful! My theme is Structure. Here in So. Cal. driving is like breathing so it is a structure of life. Enjoy your days as they pass. Do something that you like and build it into the structure of your life.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 31 of 52

The MCP Project 52 theme this week is the sky. This entire week the sky has been either overcast or clear, not a cloud in it. So I decided to shoot the clear blue sky through a sculpture in Culver City along side Ballona Creek. I've always liked this piece and this weeks theme gave me an excuse to shoot it. My theme this year, Structure again is obvious. Ballona Creek has a bike path that is a very nice ride to Marina del Rey.