Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prepare for Halloween

Anyone who knows me knows I loath Halloween. Halloween, as a national holiday my have surpassed Christmas as the most popular. What does this say about our nation? Anyway, the reason I loath it so is because I work in the public school system. This day have everything to do with family, friends, candy, costumes, fun, silliness, scaring, one-ups-mans-ship, craftsmanship and many other things that are not a major part of the public school.

So many people love it. And no matter how much we try to redirect the energies of the day to honor characters in literature or theme the costumes to a period in time, the whole day becomes trying to make sure everyone is safe and no one gets hurt. Safe from terrible people who might want to harm children. Safe from other students, who in their exuberance harms someone else with their costume. Safe from feeling left out because you don't have a costume and really want one.

What does this have to do with a public education? The good folks at Common Craft and boiled my thoughts on the subject to a very clear plan. Thank you Common Craft. Preparing for Zombies is how I feel at times. Enjoy your Halloween.