Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 7 of 52

The past week was challenging for me because I was hit by a flu, like I haven't seen for some time. A flu with no fever, who knew? Anyway, I'm feeling a little defeated because I didn't do as much shooting last week. I met some fellow shutterbugs at the Greystone Mansion and Park in Beverly Hills, a place I've never been. I was feeling so poorly, those shots may not see the light of day. But on my way back from the doctor it was raining, a rare event here in LA, I decided to visit a huge sundial in Culver City Park. Because it was raining, there was no sun to cast a shadow, but the lighting was good.

This sculpture, sundial, work of art, Homage to La Ballona Creek, has always intrigued me. So I thought I'd visit it on this rainy day. The MCP: Project 52 theme for the week is "From the heart" and again my year long theme is Structure. I saw this as a combination of the both themes. "From the heart" is the gift of time that can only be given from the heart. Time is one of the few things that cannot be replaced. The sculpture has in several languages the saying "Time is a river." The dedication plaque says that it is a homage to La Ballona Creek a nearby water feature. Showing our connection to Nature by the daily movement of the sun tracked with the sundial. The passage of time, day to night, structure.

you can see my other shots at my flickr site Photography 2011. I hope you enjoy them and please leave comments.

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