Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2 - I am ...

This past week was my first full week back to work from Winter Break.  It is always a little difficult to jump back into work after three weeks off.  There is no winding down for Breaks or Off-Track time.  (A Break is two days or more plus a weekend.   And Off-Track time is the time that a certain track or session was off from school.  That could be anywhere from four to eight weeks.)  Well, as I said, there is no winding down and there is no gearing up.  You just stop what you were doing, usually at 45 mph and you pick it up at the same speed you left off.  This can lead to problems on take off and reentry, things get drop, jostled or bumped around.

I liken it to a Triathlon, you begin the race from a skydive.  I have never been in a triathlon, but my version looks this is.  You skydive into the ocean, to begin your first leg, the swim.  This is September and you swim until December.  Winter Break is the point at which the race stops, or better yet, it is suspended, frozen, for three weeks, just long enough to forget that you are in a race.  The race is unfrozen in January, when you reach the shore and you begin the second leg, cycling.  You mount the bike and begin pedaling as fast as you can.  This is when you begin to see that you really are in a race and have to assess your position in it.  You push yourself and other push you also, because we all know the finish line is coming soon.   You check to see if you are where you should be in the race.  You do this until Spring Break, when once again the race is suspended and you just stop.  The final leg is the 5K run, which begins at the end of Spring Break.  This is when all of your hard work has to pay off.   TESTING, the finish line, where you will be judged by your results, good or bad.  

I have digressed from my point, but The Triathlon analogy, gives you a hugh look into the Week 2 theme "I am ..."  My work is a big part of who and what I am.  It takes up much of my time, professionally and personally.  I am hoping to find more time for photography and other creative endeavors, that is what this project is for.  I am... theme has me think about how want to finishing that statement.

I could not find any one thing that I photographed this past week that would finish that statement well.  I am in the process of redefining myself, again.  I looked of my list of things and places that I want to shoot and tried a few of them and still came up, I felt, short of what I was looking for.  I felt that these doors were the best of what I shot that fit the theme.  They are old, have good hardware and open to great possibilities.  This is what I feel 2012 is about, many doors that are open to great possibilities.

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