Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week 19 - Free Week

This is the first time I can remember working a seven day week with late night events.  The week started with a Big Sunday event at my school.  I had to go in to turn off the alarm.  Tuesday was Open House which started with our Academic Challenge Science Super Quiz and ending with the LEGO Robotics culminating display.  Wednesday night was a CUELA Board of Director's meeting.  Thursday and Friday were normal days with student injuries and disciplinary issues.  Saturday I have to open for psychologists to so testing.

I say all of this because I shot more photos this past week than I have in the past several weeks combined.  I don't know if the fatigue that lowered my filter on what I could shoot, or not having a prompt freed me to shoot everything.  This week's prompt was Free Week.  Either way, I had a great time.  I also found out about Instagram, an iPhone photography App on Wednesday.  I've had an fun time learning that too.  If you get a chance, you can see some of the items I shot this week.  Just take a look at my flickr photostream to the right of this post.

And Happy Mother's Day.


Jeff Ballam said...

Sounds like a difficult week. Maybe the freedom from the prompt freed your mind. Like our students and their writing, free them from a prompt and they write better. Yet, it still gives a focus, and that can allow for growth.

Kym's Blog said...

Thanks for the encouragement, understanding and explanation. Growth is a good by product.

Christine Ferreira said...

Love Instagram. It's definitely count-down time and it's great to have that creativity freed. Remember to breathe.