Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Back in February 2011, I wrote a blog about my Dad's 90th birthday because he was awesome guy. I say was because he passed onto his next life on July 12, 2012.   I am sad beyond belief, but he passed away peacefully and in his own home. That's how he wanted it and how I'd like to go.

The night before he left, we had a long conversation about life. We talked about the family and friends who have passed on and how they spent their lives and eerily enough, we also talked about future plans that he wasn't involved in.  His wife, my mother, passed on eighteen months earlier in January 2010 and he seemed to miss her terribly.  He said on his 90th birthday, "this was the first one that Mother, has missed."  The inside joke was that my mother was the older women because she was born a month earlier.

He signed all of his greeting cards to all of us, "Your Ever Loving"

Well Daddy, Happy Father's Day!  I miss you so much.  With all of my love, you daughter, Kim, Your Ever Loving.


Ms.Trinh said...

What a lovely tribute to your dad on father's day. You definitely have a way with words, this post brought tears to my eyes.

Jeff Ballam said...

Very beautiful! What a remarkable tribute to your father!m

Sheri Lattimore said...

Very nice Kim! Your dad was amazing!

Lori said...

I cried from the beginning of your tribute and throughout. What an example of everlasting love in a family. That's what life is truly all about! What a blessing!

Michele said...

This brought tears to my eyes....His funeral was a wonderful tribute to an obviously wonderful human being!