Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 10 of 52

Week 10. It is getting more difficult to sustain the momentum of shooting and the photographic eye. I must admit, when I start shooting I lose myself in it. I just need to cut out the time to do it.

The theme for the MCP 52 Project this week is Childhood Toys and my is Structure. I realized that many of my childhood toys are not sold any more, Jacks and the plastic bags from the dry cleaners, both choke hazards. I also didn't remember having that many toys as a child. I usually played with my brother and his toys, like the toy plastic soldiers and G.I. Joes. As a child we made tents and terrain with blankets, Cowboys and Indians, mud pies, played the tree house and had tea parties with imaginary friends. Since children aren't in the immediate family I was going to buy something to stage a shot. That's when I realized I work with children!

One visit to the Pre School Classroom and found many toys. So I mad a little trip to Train Town. Toy Train Town is the Childhood Toys and the Structure of play is my structure. Preschool is place where children learn through playing.

The Here is the photo I submitted this week for the 52 Project. You may see the other in this series at my 52 Project flickr site.

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