Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 11 of 52

Wow, this has been some week. I am at the CUE Conference in Palm Springs and have been here since Wednesday night, it is now Saturday morning, and the conference finishes today. A conference in Palm Springs is always great, especially this time of year when all of the snowbirds are here from the colder parts of this country and Canada. I have also had the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and associates at the conference, making this an always enriching experience.

So, needless to say, I didn't have time to really shoot like I would have liked. So, I whipped out my iPhone and snapped away. When I was taking the pictures I liked the composition that I saw on the iPhone and when I was up loading them from my iPhone to the flickr website. But in the light of day, after a few hours sleep, I thought they were too grainy or noisy and the depth-of-field was off because the iPhone is not set up for that kind of shooting. I did make a choice to use the one I took as I was leaving the Palm Springs Convention Center. I love the look of this building, the natural stone, the mountain backdrop and the muted colors... The Desert in the winter is lovely.

You can obviously see the Darks and the Lights for the MCP 52 Project theme with the overhead lights shining down the strong pillars. My year long theme of structure is apparent in the pillars that hold up the roof of the convention center shading. The structure that is not seen is that I have attended this conference annually since 1990 with only a few years of interruption during that time.

Well, anyway, here it is, so enjoy. Thanks for following

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