Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 15 of 52

As is my custom, I have wonderful ideas and make great plans in times of rest, during my Winter and Summer Breaks. I can see great ideas and boundless possibilities when I am rested. I have always said that. This is how I start this entry because I am finding the constraints of the commitment to this process. I am feeling the commitment to honoring and completing this Project 52. What I feel I'm missing, for now, is the improvement of my abilities. I do see I'm able to 'see' the theme more easily out and about, but I'm not getting the type of improvement I was thinking I would get. That would be improving my photographic eye and getting the most out of my camera.

I've a relatively new camera, Canon SX130SI, that is a slightly advanced point-and-shot model. I purchased this because I wanted to see if I was serious enough about photography to purchase a DSLR. I own a manual SLR film camera that I learned on and love. I used it extensively but found that it was too bulky and cumbersome to just carry around and be ready for the next shot. It was one of the reasons I slowed down on shooting. So, I'm trying to make this transition. I want to focus on understanding lighting, white balance, noise, and relearn all that I know about photography, this is a digital age with it's own issues. I feel I'm missing that.

Well this week was the week before Spring Break, YEAH! and also I was away at a three day conference, which was great, check a later blog entries, so shooting time, was just not there.

This week's MCP 52 Project theme was How Others See You. Well, I would normally ask but I think I might know. I may be wrong, but I went with, this photo. This was taken in one of the session rooms at the Leadership 3.0 Symposium that I attended this past week. What is this you say? One of the chairs is a little out of line. I was looking for off center but couldn't find that shot, nor create it in the allotted time. I've never been told that I been out of line, but as I said, I'm more a-little-off-center kind of girl. So, here is a photo of me, the chair a little farther back. I'm still a part of the situation, participating and perceiving it all a little differently. That is me. If you all think differently, please let me know.

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