Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 16 of 52

This past week was my Spring Break, a week away from work. So, you'd think I'd spend time shooting all of the things I have on my list to shoot and them some. Well, it didn't work like that, because when I have free time, I do all of the things I don't get done while at work. I have all of these other thoughts roaming around in my head that normally are competing with work-a-day requirements, schedules and obligations. So, remembering to shoot for the 52 Project was put on the backshelf with all of those thing. It wasn't until went into work yesterday did all of my routine thoughts flood back in. I remembered the MCP 52 Project theme of Our Furry Friends came to mind.

Yesterday I needed to go into work to prepare for the coming week. As I'm sitting at my desk, all of these work-a-day thoughts come rolling back in to the forefront. They come in small waves like ripples in a pond. They slowly lap into my current short term memory, and I do mean short, and make me aware of all that I need to do. It was during one of these waves that this week's theme came and I looked across from my desk and saw my faithful companions, three eagles and Cat-in-the-Hat. I then whipped out my iPhone 3G and snapped a couple of photos.

Theses are my furry friends. I don't have any pets, although I do want a dog badly, but I don't have the time to commit to the care of one. So, for the time being, these type of furry friends will have to do. Anyway back to my Co-workers. Eagles are the mascot of my school so people have been giving them to me and Cat-in-the-Hat is because he's magical. These guys are always there. They hear all of the complaints and praise, the discipline and praises. They hear and see all that goes on in the Principal's Office, a place where secrets go to die. They keep it all. This is part of my daily work structure. Structure is my theme for the 52 Project for this year.

I hope you enjoy this and let me know what you think.

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