Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 18 of 52

The weeks after Spring Break have been brimstone and treacle. I have been taking the time to rest because this is the stressful season, the State Testing Season. This is means high stakes for schools. So you'd think I'd spend more time shooting. But I've been spending more time vegging not recreating. I have rekindled and old habit, Morning Meditation, Bible reading and prayer. With the nebulous future of my passion and work, public education, I have the need to center myself. I have returned to my morning ritual of Bible reading and prayer.

This story falls into place because the MCP 52 Project theme is First Thing in the Morning. So much of what I do in the morning is mechanical that it was hard to think of anything that could be shot. Morning is one of those times that comes in quietly and is gone before you know it. Breakfast becomes brunch at different times for different people. So, by the time I thought about it it was late morning and lighting was not always the best. I remembered Friday evening about my revived routine. The lighting of dusk is similar to that of dawn. The context is my First Thing in the Morning. I now have to wear my glasses, which I am trying to delay the need to do for as long as possible, and begin my morning meditation, my morning structure. So the placed them in the photo. They make a nice addition to the composition. I whipped out my iPhone and took the shot. This also fulfills my photographic theme of Structure for 2011. I hope you enjoy the photo and a time of meditation.

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