Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 21 of 52

The month of May has been challenging for me. I have not been able to remember dates, appointment times or remember to put items in my calendar. I didn't remember to pay bills, send invoices or that I got paid. That's bad! I'm glad there's only a few more days to the month. Photography has also taken a backseat in trying to keep up with things, but I've made this commitment to myself and I'm following through. The MCP Project 52 theme for Week 21 was 'The Need for Speed' and my theme is Structure. Again, I remembered the shoot deadline when leaving late from work on Friday, I took a route home that would allow me to pass by the construction of the new Metro line.

The Metro Line is not finished but the claims are that you can get downtown in 20 minutes 'The Need for Speed'. That a pretty good claim in L.A. The Structure is the day-to-day commuters that will use this Line to get to and from work.

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