Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 26 of 52

This is the half way mark. I am half way through the 52 Project for 2011. Its' hard to believe, but I guess time does fly when you're having fun. The weekend I'm posting this is the 4th of July Holiday weekend. Yesterday, was the Annual Cavarlez Beach Party at Dockweiler Beach. I was there 12 hours! That's a long time. And needless to say, I'm still recovering. All that fresh air, sun and sand, I'm not used to. I'm preparing to go to another, much smaller gathering this afternoon in the valley where temperatures may be in the 100's. I don't think my skin has recovered from yesterday. I think I sunburned my lips? They itch, that is sunburn right?

Anyway, the Week 26 theme of the MCP 52 Project was Hidden Objects. This Star of David was a gift, not to me, from a friend through a friend. That friendship is representative of my theme for 2011, Structure. I was sitting at the table of a friend and she shared with me this piece of jewelry, the Star of David, and how she bought a gold chain to wear with it. I saw the chain and the Star and she told me the story of the friend who gave this to her from someone who passed away. The memories, friendships and love in this tiny piece of jewelry gives great power and connection to this piece of metal and stones. We continued talking about this, that and the other, as conversations with friends go. I was shared the MCP 52 Project theme while we were playing around with my new iPad 2. This has Photo Booth which takes bizarre and distorted photos with it's camera. So I took one of just my mouth, entitled the Hidden Scream, and she remarked that would be a good photo for the week. I said, "okay" and we moved on again in our conversation. At some point I saw this a little heart shaped box and asked, "What's in there?" and she responded, "the Star of David." I then became curious all over again and this shot was born.

During this holiday weekend I hope all of you have the opportunity to share time with friends and family. That you think about love and friendship. Care for each other and be grateful for all of it. Enjoy!

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