Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 29 of 52

Bands of Gold is the title of this photo. This close up is the theme for the MCP Project 52, Get in Close. The structure, my theme for 2011, is wearing earrings. As most little girls, I would try on my mother's jewelry. She wore clip-on earrings. I loved wearing earrings but those clip-ons were painful. I knew why my mom took off her earrings when she got home, they hurt. I promised myself that because I loved earrings that I would have to get my ears pierced because I couldn't go through life wearing clip-ons. So for me, earrings are a structure of life. I feel naked without them. If you see me in public, I have on earrings. I even have an extra pair at work just in case I forget them or loose one.

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