Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 45 of 52

In the weeks that I've participated in this 52 Project, I have rarely had a complete lose of ideas of what to shoot.  So, this weeks theme, Book Title, from MCP Project 52 would seem to easy as pie.  That reason being, along with this project, I've also set a goal of reading 25 books for the year 2011.  Yes I did that.  I consider myself the functioning illiterate because compared to my friends and colleagues, I read very litte.  So, for some one who is a self proclaimed non reader, 25 this is a large number.  I credit setting this goad and accepting the challenge to the three weeks of rest I get during Winter break.  Like I say, when I'm rested I can move mountains.  So, of course I think I can read 25 book in 365 days.  But I digress.

Book Titles, for the rational mentioned above, should have been easy to come to mind and easy to shoot.  But because I had shot books in earlier photos I didn't want to repeat the same kind of photo.  I thought of other vignettes that would comprise the title of a book, like an eating competition for the Hunger Games, or a wizard, a wand and a stone, for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone or Philosopher's Stone, depending on which side of the pond you read the book.

Trivia Alert! ** Trivia Alert!
When the book was first published in England, the Brits thought that Americans might not be familiar enough with the term, Philosopher's Stone to keep the same title.  They change the title of the book from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  The movie was released in the United Kingdom under it's original title. 

What came to mind is Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.  Wow!  That shot is ready made for me.  There is a bar on Venice Blvd., of which I have passed many times, names Saints and Sinners that has the best sign on the outside.  I wouldn't have to set up a shot or collect items or individuals to make the shot work.  Just get the best lighting I can find, early morning light and shoot away.  Early Thursday morning, I head down Venice Blvd to try and find this saloon.  After two passes and several inquires, I realize, it no longer exists.

With the end of Daylight Savings time, I have only early morning light, because by the time I leave work, there is very little if any daylight worth using.  This past Friday evening I was facing cumulative fatigue, a condition I have termed and self diagnosed, that comes at the end of long week of work.  The symptoms are cloudy thoughts, inability to hold items in you working memory and an overwhelming need to get home, among other things.  Being under the influence of this condition, I forgot about my assignment, until I got home and realized I have been listening to an audiobook.  I was able to see the light bulb through the cloudy thoughts of the CF (cumulative fatigue) and grab a snap shot of the my iPod and the book title I was listening to.

This week you have to photos.  Mine is the large one of my iPod and the book title on it, and the sign that I missed.  The one that got away so to speak.  I hope you enjoy the story, the photos and the time inside my muses.  Please check out my other photos on my flickr site and enjoy your week.

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