Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 15 - Perspective

Perspective -

Noun:  the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth and...
Synonyms:  prospect - vista - outlook - view

This is the quick definition I found online to start this entry and it fits.  It, as you may have guessed, is the theme for Week 15 of FOCUS 52-2012.  I have done those perspective drawings in the couple of art classes that I've taken over the years.  I understand how to draw a solid object on a piece of paper with a pencil or pastel.  Perspective in photography is done with light and position.  If you look at the synonyms, they seem to fit photography closer.   Vista, view, outlook are position and what we do more of with a camera.  How the camera is placed can change how the viewer interpretes a scene, object or person.

This sculpture, Urban Lights by Chris Burden is breath taking.  I have seen it in daylight and by it's own light.  It's one of those works of art that looks different from any angle.  And the number of observers and photographers that were there on a late Saturday night says that I'm not the only one there enjoying it.  As a secondary note, across the street is a man playing an upright piano, just to add to the ambiance.

I hope you enjoy my photo.  I have a few more on my flicker page.  You can access them from the widget in the upper right of this blog.  I should really go and see this work of art for yourself at LACMA, (Los Angeles County Museum of Art).  There's no admission fee to see this, just go.


Ms.Trinh said...

I like the angle of the picture. I also noticed your signature at the bottom..nice job!

The Teacher Tattles

jan@twoscoopz said...

How wonderful!
and I love how you really gave perspective some thought. Good job!

Thanks for linking up this week at focus52 :)

Jeff Ballam said...

Very nice, I love how the perspective of each line changes a bit with your position.

Kym's Blog said...

Thanks, Ms. Trinh. I'm working on jazzing up my blog, thanks to your inspiration.

Thanks Jan, you always have individualized comments. I really appreciate that.

Thanks, Jeff for following me and giving me specific comments.

Anna at In The Next 30 Days said...

So lovely Kym. And I really love the black and white. Great shot.