Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 6 - Still Life

Sometimes seeing examples can stifle the imagination.  That's what happened to me this time when I saw the beautiful examples of this weeks theme, Still Life.  No, that's not true.  The examples were beautiful, I'm just using that as an excuse.  My imagination was more stifled by the stress of work this week.  But that is another story.

Anyway, I could not come up with a subject for my still life photographs for this week.  Then it came to me on Friday, after work during my evening ritual.  The ritual I'm referring to the one we all have.   You know, when we come home and we remove the professional self and put on the evening person self.  We all have one and they are all basically the same.  We put down our keys and cell phone.  We put away the tote bag or briefcase.  Then we clean out the lunchbag and wash the thermos, containers and utensils.  We remove the professional shoes, clothing, etc.  The ritual of putting away everything from our professional day in a place that we can retrieve it the next morning to become that person we are at work.

Part of my ritual includes removing all of my jewelry.  That's when I saw my subject for the Still Life theme.  I don't have lights to get the best lighting for a still life.  Nor do I have a camera that can show depth of field.  I have a point and shoot digital camera. I use whatever lighting that exists.  With ambient light and a macro setting I took this.  I did add some fading to the photo using iPhoto effects, but this is it.  The fact that my Goofy watch on it's side, kinda says it all for the week we've both had.  I hope you enjoy my shot for this week.


Paula said...

Awesome shot! This is a beautiful capture of your day.

Sherry said...

This is much better than you give yourself credit for. I struggled with this week's prompt as well - but yours looks great! Love the goofy watch!!

Jan said...

I think you did a fantastic job, and I really love your post. So true, the way we strip everything away when we get home. It's the best :)

Thanks for linking up this week at focus52!