Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 8 - Bring on the Light

I was looking for shadows and sunlight objects but to no avail.  The 11 hour work days this past week allow little time to see light artistically.  As I was leaving the market on my way home I noticed the a few homes with there porch lights on some of the surrounding homes just as night was falling.  I thought to myself, are they waiting for someone in particular or just for anyone who may show up?  What ever the reason, it seemed to me that the occupants of these homes must be the sort of people who are welcoming and friendly.  They receive friends and family readily with open arms.  This may not be the case.  The residents of these homes my just be in the habit of leaving the light on for security purposes and nothing more.  I would like to thing the believe the former.  As Week 8's theme is bring on the light, looking at these homes as welcoming and inviting, I hope that you can have some of these moments for yourself in the coming week.


Jan said...

Wonderful find!
I hope you have some shorter work days ahead of you. That's a lot of hours :(

Thanks for linking up this week at focus52!

Amanda said...

thanks for stopping by my site. I like your choice of "light" adn agree, it does seem welcoming! i always think lights on in a house does make it more approachable and friendly :)