Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 7 - Love or Red

Last week was a hum dinger because Valentine's Day was last week.  At elementary schools, Valentine's Day is basically a day to show each other how much you like each other with a card and something sweet.  This day allows students to be filled with the second highest level sugar consumption of the school year. Halloween being the first!  So, Valentine's Day is a day that is driven  and crashes on pure sugar and happiness.  That was Tuesday...

To add to the frenzy, my Student Council was sponsoring a President's Penny Parade fundraiser.  Student Council shares Presidential Trivia with all of the students and encourages them to bring in as many coins as possible for your classroom to win a Pizza Party.  Everyday, the Student Council Members would collect the coins from all of the rooms and count them to give the class their running daily total.  Well this, for what ever reason, excited the students as much as did Valentine's Day candy and cards.  So, this was a swirly wurly week for me.  Even now, I still don't want to see any coins.

I share all of this because I have been a little too frazzled to thing about the shot for this week, let alone shoot.  But I remember that I'm doing this to develop my creative side, photography, and it is usually pushed out by all of these things I stated above.  So I have to make the time!   I shot this red canister with the names of our Birthday Club on it.  We meet several times a year to celebrate birthdays, and Christmas.  My earliest memory of us meeting, was on my 30th birthday.  I'm 53.  That's 23 years.  We have managed to stay together that long, through, marriages, births, children, graduations, divorces and deaths.  That is love, because it shows the test of time.  The theme of love or red, I feel are captured in this canister.

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