Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 31 - Water

This weeks theme was Water.  When I think of water, two quotes come to mind, "Water, water everywhere and nor any drop to drink." from Samuel Taylor Coleridge from the poem,  Rime of the Ancient Mariner and "Water always wins." from the Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who, David Tennet, in the episode, The Waters of Mars.  I know I should have put up a nerd alert for that... sorry.

Anyway, water in Southern California is an easy thing to find with the Pacific Ocean, Marina de Rey, lakes, and creeks all within twenty miles of my home.  So what did I shoot?  Kids at a fountain.  Out of all the photos I shot last week, this is the one that I liked the most.  It is summer and another quote comes to mind from the Sly and the Family Stone song, Hot Fun in the Summertime.  My favorite line is "Boo-boo-poo when I want to, out of school."  These girls are out of school and doing what they want to.  That is summer.

I hope your summer is as enjoyable as this moment the two girls are having.  Enjoy your summer and all of the fun it brings.

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