Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 32 - Flight

The theme this week is Flight.  In order to take a photo I ran through my mind all of the definitions I had of flight.  A flight on an airplane, to flee, the Hebrews flight from Egypt, birds flying, and a flight of stairs,.  Well with all of these choices, I chose a flight of stairs, and I had one particular in mind.

In Culver City, there is a commercial complex called Conjunctive Points.  It houses many types of companies, that I assume do business in movie or music industry.  This is a photo of the Gateway Tower, designed by Eric Owen Moss Architects.  There influence can be seen all throughout the Hayden Tract near downtown Culver City.  It is a flight of stairs that goes nowhere and leads to nothing except to the top of the flight of stairs.  At night it becomes a spectacle of lights, design and color.  Those photos you can see at my flickr site, (click the thumbnails to the right).

I've missed posting my website information to the FOCUS 52-12 websites lately, but I have continued to post on my site.

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